Clarksons Platou Shipbroking

The Shipbroking division of the Platou Group was established in 1936 and serves clients in the shipping industry worldwide by providing broking services in connection with the chartering, sale and purchase and newbuild construction of dry cargo, container, tanker and more specialized vessels (including cruise vessels and roll-on roll-off (“RoRo”) vessels) as well as providing research regarding the shipping industry through its economic research department and has  app. 110 employees located in Oslo, Houston, Moscow, Piraeus, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore.

The Shipbroking division is divided into departments for:

• Sale and Purchase and Newbuilding: focusing on broking services in relation to various types of vessels including tankers, LPG and LNG carriers, bulk carriers, container/MPP, pure car carriers (“PCC”) and RoRo vessels, reefer vessels and cruise vessels and ferries

• Chartering: which incorporates sub-sectors including PCC/RoRo (including deep sea, spot and period charters), LNG and industrial shipping

• Economic Research: preparing research on the markets for crude, LNG, bulk and container shipping and car transportation

In addition to the traditional sale and purchase activity, we work closely with our clients on projects and transactions involving the different departments of the RS Platou Group, offering increased synergies and added value to our clients. We maintain a very strong relationship with the major leading shipping banks and act for them as consultants and advisors, in addition to providing vessel valuations – a service also offered to our clients.

RS Platou’ Sale and Purchase department is involved in all aspects of a vessel’s lifespan, and as a service to our clients, we assist them with selling vessels for demolition/recycling. A combination of experience, talent and drive, as well as providing service to businesses ranging from family-owned private companies to large publically listed conglomerates, has enabled us to maintain a leading position amongst the world’s brokering houses.

In order to maintain the quality and secure the highest ethical standards to our clients, the Sale and Purchase department is fully certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.