Corporate governance principles
RS Platou aims to create value for its shareholders through delivering first class brokerage services to its clients, mainly within the shipping and offshore industries. RS Platou believes there is a link between high quality governance and the creation of shareholder value. Our governance structures and controls help to ensure that we run our business in a profitable manner for the benefit of our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. Our basic corporate values on how to conduct our business can be summarized as follows:

All employees have a duty, during the term of employment and after termination to, maintain confidentiality towards third persons of all matters the employee has retained knowledge of during the employment, including matters of commercial-, market-, financial and/or internal nature. This also applies to information relating
to RS Platou’s clients and their businesses or business associates. The confidentiality does not apply to matters that have been or are made public without the assistance of the employee, nor do the conditions apply to any potential injunctions made by a court or in accordance with law or regulation. All employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that covers the confidentiality between the employee, RS Platou
and towards third parties.


We shall hold the highest standards of ethics in our daily activities. All employees shall act independently and irrelevant considerations shall never influence the advice or services provided to clients. All employees shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and common practice on a continuous basis. All payments and transfers shall appear in the accounts and systems used and shall be traceable and searchable. No employee shall receive or handle capital that has no named source. Each employee shall waive any actions that may cause conflict between their own personal economic interests and interests of RS Platou, its customers and other related parties.


The potential for conflict is inherent in our business. To prevent our loyalty towards clients being questioned, no one shall accept an assignment which may create a conflict of interest. Each employee shall contribute to the safeguarding of RS Platou’s trust and reputation by behaving in an ethical and proper way.


RS Platou is committed to provide first class services and advice. No one shall accept an assignment which may comprise the quality of the services provided. No one shall provide services within an area which he or she does not master. Each employee shall act factually, correctly, honestly and in accordance with good business practice. Good business practice is to perform and conduct the relevant work in accordance with ethical and professional principles generally known and practiced by experienced and conscientious persons in the business.